"Clean currents" for better therapy results

Quite a few electrotherapy instruments today do no longer emit stimulation currents in the form as described in teaching manuals, and on which efficient electrotherapy is proven to be based.

Instead of this - and in many cases due to cost savings - similar, but not identical , curve forms are used. Nobody knows exactly whether these cause the desired effects in tissue in the same way as the original currents or not. Instead of medium frequency currents, for example, low frequency ones are generated, and vice versa. In a direct comparison, the difference between "genuine" and "similar" currents can often be felt, but it only becomes visible when the current curves are viewed on an oscilloscope. Here, galvanic currents with spikes can be found, distorted sinusoidal curves instead of harmonic curves, or also deformed envelopes of diadynamic currents.

PHYSIOMED distances itself resolutely from this trend of compromising therapeutic success only for reasons of maximizing profits.

PHYSIOMED instruments therefore exclusively emit "clean" currents. This also explains the often heard opinion of competent electrotherapy users, that despite the same parameters, they would obtain better therapy results with PHYSIOMED instruments than with other stimulation current instruments.